Harbour 30

Harbour30 is a prayerful and thoughtful attempt by our church family to cast a vision that will propel us into the next five years of impacting our community and world for the glory of God!

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God has an incredible plan to share his love and glory with all of creation. He invites us to personalize this plan through salvation but also calls us to actively and intentionally partner with him individually and as a church to share him with the world!


Walking with people from disenchantment to discipleship

From the beginning our mission statement at Harbour Fellowship Church embodied the teaching of Jesus to ‘Go and make disciples,’ which recognizes disciple making as a life long journey.

Discipleship is God’s plan for everyone. We want to be a church that helps people become more like Jesus wherever they are in their spiritual journey.


The Harbour30 strategy reflects our understanding of God’s design for how to grow in our faith.

It includes three components that work in harmony with each another, assist us in accomplishing our mission and help us live out our values. Each component has an individual focus but enhances the other two as well. Consistent with our mission statement, this strategy is designed to simply make disciples.


When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people to myself. John 12:32

The Christian life begins when we fix our eyes on Jesus. In spite of the things that might be swirling all around, the eyes of our heart are drawn heavenward to gaze upon and declare the glory of God. The Christian life begins and is most healthy when we fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

At Harbour our Sunday morning worship service is a great opportunity for unbelievers to discover the Triune  God. For the Christ follower looking up is our response to this incredible array of God’s glory, holiness and grace through songs, prayers, teaching obedience and love. Our desire is not simply to look up as individuals but also join with others and encourage them to do the same.


If we love one another, God dwells deeply within us, and his love becomes complete in us. 1 John 4:12 (Msg)

The world needs people of spiritual depth. Spiritual depth is the result of a growing relationship with Jesus. This can be cultivated through personal spiritual disciplines and Christ centered relationships.

At Harbour, we seek to grow these types of relationships through community groups. This means sharing our lives, talking about God’s Word, praying together and caring for one another. Our desire is that everyone who calls Harbour home would find a community group to belong to. This involves more than simply attending meetings but rather an enthusiastic commitment to invest in the lives of people.


You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. Acts 1:8

God has called us to not only receive his blessings and grace but to be people who offer these things on his behalf to a broken and dying world. The Bible challenges all followers of Christ to be bold, compassionate and intentional in living out the gospel message.

At Harbour it is imperative that we proclaim the gospel of Christ, walk compassionately in our community and engage in national and global missions. Our resolve is that looking up and living deep will compel us to fully embrace an active outward focus.

We believe that in leading out we will see needs met, leaders launched, churches planted and people saved.


Points of Emphasis create unique goals for us in accomplishing our strategy and painting a picture of what we will look like five years from now.

After months of prayer, discernment and input from the church family, we determined some areas God would have us focus on.

These points are not exhaustive but will give clear direction in decisions and planning. The intention is not to accomplish anything in our own strength but rather to be bold and attempt everything in his strength.


Live out our strategy

  • Individually participate in all three components of the strategy
  • Shape all of our ministries around our strategy
  • Cleary define the characteristics of a disciple.

Encounter God in our Worship Services

  • Carefully plan and prepare each service.
  • Include a variety of creative and participatory elements into our services.
  • Offer a holy, anticipated and heartfelt service each Sunday.
  • Preach thought provoking and challenging biblical messages.
  • Be led by godly and humble servants who are rooted in their craft and faith.
  • Embrace a music style and use of technology that will allow us to become a church for the next generation.
  • Offer engaging worship opportunities apart from our Sunday morning service.


Embody Intentional Hospitality

  • Ensure that everyone entering our building meet people who care.
  • Go beyond friendly to opening up our homes and lives to new and familiar people
  • Develop a ministry that supports our intentional hospitality efforts

Develop People

  • Expect everyone to serve
  • Establish a culture of volunteer development
  • Expand the base of leaders
  • Equip every leader
  • Advance God’s agenda in our areas of influence


Embrace Community Groups

  • Make involvement in Community Groups normative.
  • Pray, study the Bible and build relationships of significance in our groups.
  • Serve others through our Walk Compassionately  initiatives as groups.
  • Share the gospel as groups.
  • Offer specific groups to address life challenges.
  • Expand Stephen Ministry.

Grow a thriving Children and Student Ministry

  • Involve children and youth throughout the church.
  • Offer engaging Sunday Morning ministries from birth through grade 8.
  • Offer engaging mid week opportunities for Students.
  • Prioritize financing for staff facilities and programming.
  • Partner with parents.


Share the Gospel

  • Proclaim the gospel message with greater frequency and intentionality on Sunday morning.
  • Provide evangelism opportunities through the ministries of Harbour.
  • Equip and mobilize Harbour to share Christ.

Walk Compassionately

  • Respond generously without seeking anything in return.
  • Deepen our engagement with our neighbours in the Greenvale Co-op
  • Broaden our impact in St. Catharines by partnering with a community organization.
  • Provide short and long term service opportunities through this partner.


Begin supporting National Missions:

  • Support our association church plants (Lightway and Church by the Canal)
  • Support our regional denominational ministry - FEB (Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist) Central.
  • Investigate and choose one National missions focus.

Expand Global Missions:

  • Launch Leaders in East Africa through our partnership with PACE Ministries.
  • -Help every person to know and pray for one of our global partner pastors.
  • Send one Global Missions team per year.

This is a bold attempt to do big things for God.

We understand that it is only possible by the grace of God and through the power of God! Accomplishing these points of emphasis will result in our church looking very different five years from now.

With much prayer, innovation, effort and faith we believe God will have a greater impact in our world through us.