Sundays at 10:00am

A Special Welcome to Brock U & Niagara College Students!

AGES 18 - 29

University, College students and young professionals are invited to join Young Adults @ Harbour to personally connect over refreshments, fellowship with one another, study God’s word together, and engage in discussion. As a student or professional in a post-Christian culture, we are faced with challenges as to what we believe and how we live out what we confess.

As a welcoming community, Young Adults @ Harbour facilitates dialogue for the critically minded and spiritual inquirers. Those looking to discover the truth, and those looking to deepen their faith, will be encouraged by group discussions and the relationships they’ll build within the community. Our objective is to cultivate an informed, faithful generation of young adults who will communicate and embody God’s truth outside the four walls of the church, defend the truth of God’s word in the face of opposition, and pursue Christ as we seek to glorify God in our studies, careers, and everything else we do.

If you would like to register for the Young Adults @ Harbour Community Group, Click Here.